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Quantum Revolution Roma

Il prossimo 21 marzo 2019 presso il Viminale sala riunioni del DIPARTIMENTO Della Pubblica Sicurezza, in P. Zza del Viminale 7 ROMA, nell’evento Quantum Revolution, presenteremo dotQuantum, l’innovativa iniziativa educational italiana sul Quantum Computing.

University of Sussex scientists develop technique to isolate quantum computers from disruptive environmental noise

A team of scientists, led by Professor Winfried Hensinger at the University of Sussex, have made a major breakthrough concerning one of the biggest problems facing quantum computing: how to reduce the disruptive effects of environmental “noise” on the highly sensitive function of a large-scale quantum computer.

Quantum computers put blockchain security at risk

By 2025, up to 10% of global GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is likely to be stored on blockchains. A blockchain is a digital tool that uses cryptography techniques to protect information from unauthorized changes. It lies at the root of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Blockchain-related products are used everywhere from finance and manufacturing to healthcare, in a market worth more than US$150 billion.

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