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Quantum Computing | dotQuantum Workshop

Quantum computers, by exploiting quantum phenomena such are superposition and entanglement, hold the promise for solving efficiently important computational problems that are nowadays intractable. One of the most famous, though not necessarily the most realistic example is the factorization of large numbers using Shor’s algorithm.

This extraordinary property of quantum computers together with the great evolution of the quantum technology in the last past years has made that large companies as Google, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, IBM, and Intel started investing heavily in quantum technology.

Up to now, quantum computing has been a field mostly dominated by physicists. They are working on the design and fabrication of the basic units of any quantum system, called quantum bits or qubits. They have focused primarily on the enhancement of gate fidelities and on the improvement of coherence properties of qubits. However, building a quantum computer involves more than producing ‘good’ qubits. It requires the development of an entire system architecture that connects and translates quantum algorithms to the low-level pulses that operate on the qubits of quantum processors. Therefore, it is important that contributions from different fields such as formal languages, compilers, operating systems, routing and interconnects, electronics, and computer architecture are brought together.

In the first part of this workshop, we will address the basic ideas of Quantum Computing and quantum algorithms. We will do an overview on the technologies used to build the qubits and we will talk about the quantum error correction. In the second part of the workshop we will discuss the different frameworks used to develop quantum software for the near-term quantum computers (NISQ) and we will go deep in quantum chemistry and quantum machine learning. Last but not least, we will discuss about the Qiskit framework with practical examples of quantum programming on IBM Quantum Experience.

Below you can find the topics in great detail:

  • Introduction to Quantum Computing (qubit, superposition, entanglement, interference, measurement)
  • Introduction to quantum algorithms
  • Overview of the technologies used to build a Quantum Computer
  • State of the art of Quantum Computing
  • Introduction to Quantum Error Correction (QEM) and Quantum Error Mitigation (QEM) theory
  • The NISQ era  – Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum Computing devices
  • Near-term Quantum Computing application in the NISQ devices era
  • Introduction to quantum computing frameworks
  • Quantum Chemistry and Quantum Machine Learning
  • Introduction to Qiskit (Terra and Aqua) programming
  • Practical examples of quantum programming with Qiskit
  • Useful resources to study the topics in depth

The workshop will be in italian language.

THE EVENT WILL BE at the Broadway hall of the Hotel Studios in Cologno Monzese (adjacent to Mediaset)

The Hotel Studios is located in a strategic position of absolute privilege, 200 meters from Cologno Monzese South Freeway East.
It is just 700 meters from the Green Metro – line 2, both from the station ‘Cologno Sud‘ that from the stop of ‘Cascina Gobba‘, thus shortening the short distance that separates it from the center of Milan and from the railway stations and making it the ideal accommodation for business guests and tourists.Easily accessible from the airports which are located in Milan: Linate 7 km, Orio al Serio 40 Km and Malpensa 58 Km.