Quantum Computing for students (age 15 and older)

We now use Internet for everything. Ordering a pizza, buying a television, sharing a moment with a friend and paying taxes and bills, but few people know that Internet security is built on the computational complexity of factoring large prime numbers.

With the usual classical supercomputers, it will take millions of years to factor a large integer number (2048 digits), but with Shor’s quantum algorithm (discovered in 1994), it will take only a few minutes. We still don’t have a fully functional quantum computer, but, in the future we probably will have.
This is the first Quantum Computing course for young students in Italy: we are going to introduce this exciting topic using only high school algebra and trigonometry (no complex numbers).

We are going to present topics from quantum mechanics, algebra, computer science and cryptography, which form the foundations of theory of quantum computing.

Understanding Shor’s algorithm is one of the goals of this course. We will finish with a brief look at quantum computing hardware.

Topics to be covered

  1. What are quantum computers? Why are we building them? How they will affect our future?
  2. Qubit: a taste of quantum mechanics (superposition, interference and entanglement)
  3. Cryptography: from the Roman Empire to Quantum Methods
  4. Linear transformations and Matrix algebra
  5. A kind of linear transformations: the quantum algorithm
  6. Quantum teleportation
  7. Math tools to study symmetry: a brief introduction to group theory
  8. RSA cryptosystem
  9. Parallel computation on quantum computers
  10. Quantum gates and Quantum circuits
  11. Quantum Fourier Transform
  12. Shor’s algorithm
  13. We are going to build a real quantum computer. How will we do this?

Who is the course for?

The course is for curious students (age 15 and older) who love math and physics!!

Learning Resources

Students can access learning resources on the Moodle platform that will be available during the course. The teacher will make available pdf slides, articles, peer reviews, videos and quizzes.

Tests to validate your learning

In order to achieve your course certificate, you will have to take some tests about the topics deal with during the lessons. The tests will be made available on the Moodle elearning platform provided by dotQuantum.

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