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The dotQuantum@School project has the purpose of making the emerging world of Quantum Computing known to young people, from 15 years and upwards, through a series of meetings in Italian high schools. We believe that our initiative may in particular be of interest to scientific schools in general, scientific schools that offer an applied science option, and to technical institutes specialised in the preparation of information technology experts.

The meetings will be of a dissemination type, and the purpose is to offer a “taste” of some important concepts relative to quantum computing, but also concerning the state of the art of the technology and the development prospects in the short and medium term in the emerging sector of quantum computing. The themes will obviously be dealt with in such a way as to stimulate the curiosity of the youngsters and to encourage them to learn more about topics that are related to various disciplines (mathematics, physics, chemistry and informatics).

The Quantum Manifesto – drawn up in 2016, which has gathered the opinions of thousands of European scientists – calls on Europe to encourage the development and application of quantum technologies in order to obtain “a transformation that will allow an advancement in science, in industry and in society”.

Our initiative will therefore go in the direction of stimulating the education of new, highly specialised professional figures, who will be able fundamental in the future, in both the short and long term, to gain access to these key technologies.

The figure of the “Quantum Engineer”, a highly specialised engineer with know-how that will range from quantum mechanics to the theory of quantum computing/informatics, but also with knowledge relative to the problems that may be resolved through the use of Quantum computers, will be among the professions of the future.

The impact of this emerging technology will have important results on various key sectors, ranging from material science engineering to quantum chemistry (the discovery of new medicines and chemical reaction catalysts), to optimisation problems (the management of fleets, air traffic, risk management in the financial environment, etc.), to artificial intelligence (machine learning) and finally to cyber security (the use of quantum encryption and the development of the Quantum Internet).

If you are interested in the dotQuantum@School project for your school, just fill in the form and you will be contacted.

Meanwhile, if you would like to help dotQuantum@School, you can make a donation to my crowdfunding campaign by clicking the link below. This money will be used to pay the teacher and his/her travelling costs.

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