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About our Quantum Computing educational project.

dotQuantum grew from an idea of ​​the founder, Pierpaolo Marturano (electronic engineer, software developer and trainer), that, together with his partners, has set the ambitious and pioneering goal of training a new generation of software developers for the “Quantum Computers“.

Thanks to our deep technical knowledge, long experience in teaching and a great love of Quantum Computation and Quantum Information, we are pursuing the goal with pride and determination in an emerging industry which is likely destined to have a great impact on a wide range of strategic areas for the future of the world economy and humanity itself.

Our courses are designed to bring all classical developers closer to the programming world of “Quantum Computers“, by providing the basic tools necessary  to understand the new paradigm of quantum software development.

The training and guidance of  young people in this emerging field of study is one of the most important motivating factors for us, and for this reason we have also designed courses for young students (age 15 and older).

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